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Milwaukee Aces

A semiprofessional women’s basketball team in the Global Women’s Basketball Association (GWBA). Athena led the planning and development of Aces branding and official launching and its first team photo shoot. Athena was responsible for driving content on the Aces website and its player and coach’s profiles. The firm delivered on its brand promise to create the Aces tagline: That’s My Ace.

Haywood Group

Haywood Group is a full-service real estate development, investment, and consulting firm that specializes in joint-venture opportunities. Athena led the firm through a complete rebranding, launch of the official name change (formerly Vangard Group) and the introduction of a new executive team. With this work, Athena was able to help the firm expand its reach in the market and showcase the breadth and depth of the work they do, which includes providing expertise and experience to enhance the viability of existing and start-up businesses.

African American Chamber of Commerce Wisconsin (AACCW)

An organization that supports the growth and sustainability of African American owned businesses in Wisconsin. The Athena team led the organization’s re-development of its logo and branding while also expanding programming for AACCW. Athena planned and executed the inaugural Breakfast of Champions signature fundraiser and successfully rolled out the 2017 announcement of the organizations new president and CEO.

Milwaukee Teacher Education Center (MTEC)

MTEC is a not-for-profit, results-oriented, teacher certification and professional development center designed to recruit, support, and retain teachers and school leaders in an urban setting. After completing a strategic branding session with key stakeholders, Athena designed a comprehensive public relations and marketing strategy for MTEC that aligned with the organizational goals of the organization. These efforts have grown the brand of MTEC and moved them forward as they continue their mission around education.

Marketing Support

Athena Communications is one of the reasons the AACCW has grown and become a major resource to the sustainability of African American owned businesses in Milwaukee. Tammy’s tenacious work ethic, relationship-building skills and ability to create relevant programming for our AACCW members has greatly expanded our resources and partnerships to-date. I’m honored to work alongside someone who is passionate about their work, clearly understands the AACCW’s vision and challenges the Chamber to stay on mission.

Dr. Eve Hall

Formerly with African American Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box 100615 Milwaukee, WI 53210    414.339.7604

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